Esket Tiny House

Esk’et Tiny House

In Alkali Lake, British Columbia, tiny house enthusiasts Robert and Bettina Johnson designed and built their own unique tiny house. The 280-square-foot Esk’et Tiny House has a Shou Sugi Ban treated pine exterior with beautiful carvings and Aboriginal art. The salmon-shaped roof rafters and double dormers give the roof a distinctive design.

Inside the 20′ tiny house is a modern theme with white finishes, two lofts, and a corner fireplace. A spiral stairwell takes up a minimal amount of room and helps keep the open feel of the interior. The kitchen has an under-counter refrigerator and a breakfast counter that serves as a dining area.

For more information you can visit the Esk’et Tiny House website.

20' Trailer - Esket Tiny House

Modern Interior - Esket Tiny House

Breakfast Counter - Esket Tiny House

Bedroom Loft - Esket Tiny House

Salmon Carvings - Esket Tiny House

Two Exterior Doors - Esket Tiny House

Shou Sugi Ban Treated Pine - Esket Tiny House

Hand Carved Door - Esket Tiny House

Kitchen - Esket Tiny House

Kitchen Sink & Range - Esket Tiny House

Spiral Stairwell - Esket Tiny House

Aerial View - Esket Tiny House

View From Loft - Esket Tiny House

Propane Corner Fireplace - Esket Tiny House

Bathroom Vanity - Esket Tiny House

Images © Esk’et Tiny House

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