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Tiny Living Weekend Reading: The Non-Spooky Halloween Edition

This Saturday is Halloween, so this batch of tiny living weekend reading will be themed accordingly. But did you also know that Friday the 30th is National Candy Corn Day? Apparently this sweet treat associated with Halloween was invented in 1880 by George Renninger and consists mostly of corn syrup (surprise), honey, and sugar.

Before we get started, I do have a confession to make: I’m really not into Halloween. I don’t like horror movies, or anything remotely scary, spooky, or bizarre – even for ‘fun.’ That being said, I’ve occasionally dressed up in non-scary costumes with friends, and even went through a corn maze at night…in the mud (you should try it sometime). However you choose to celebrate or not celebrate Halloween, there are plenty of ways to have fun this weekend and make the most of it, starting with reading these great articles. Enjoy!

Tasteful, Simple Halloween Décor

I’m not a big fan of the default orange and black colors for Halloween décor…somehow the combination makes everything seem garish and cheap, no matter how much you spent on it. Apartment Therapy put together a collection of tasteful and unique Halloween decorating ideas you might want to break out this weekend if you’re hosting a party or just greeting trick-or-treaters. A few highlights:

  • Gold, white, or copper make great alternatives to black and orange
  • Skeleton flamingos strike me as a tasteful (but fun) yard or patio decoration
  • Spray-painted tiny ‘message pumpkins’ are easy and adorable

Get Out the Popcorn…It’s Movie Time

Do you have any favorite traditional movies you watch on Halloween? If not, maybe you can discover a few this year. Check out this list of The 15 Best Halloween Movies to Watch in October (And Where to Find Them) to get started.  My favorites on this list would include It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown for the nostalgia and Ghostbusters for its cheesiness.

Not in to Dressing Up? What About Your Dog?

Dogs certainly aren’t excluded from dressing up for Halloween, especially if you’re a doting dog-parent. Thanks to Melanie at A Small Life, you can check out these adorable ideas and pick one that best suits your dog’s personality and features, without subjecting them to more than perceived torture. Here are a few favorites:

Apartment News: Creepy, Noisy Neighbors

Have you ever thought about what kind of clientele your apartment complex caters to? Here’s an entertaining breakdown of what vampires and witches might be looking for in a new place. If any of this describes your complex, I might be concerned.

Your neighbors might not be vampires, but you might have some horror stories of your first apartment. Jimmy Fallon asked viewers to tweet their stories, and some of them are pretty entertaining.

A Site That Can Tell You How Noisy Your New Apartment Could Be? Why Yes, Thank You…While you’re probably expecting a little extra noise this weekend, noise in general is something that plagues apartment dwellers. An apartment listing site called RentLingo uses a Noise Index to rate areas on a Google map based on average noise levels.

Lifestyle and Organization

Can downsizing your hobby help you appreciate it even more? A guest writer on Becoming Minimalist seems to think so: How Giving Away 1,000 Books Made Me Love Reading Again.

Looking Ahead…

In November, it has become a trend ‘not to spend’ for some who value minimalism, tiny living, and saving up for holiday shopping. Read the basics of this 30-days-with-no-extra-spending, a.k.a. “No Spend November” challenge, and consider if you want to join the scores of people saying no to excess spending starting this Sunday.

Until then, splurge on a bag of candy corn and have a great weekend!

Photo Credit: FreeImages.com/Greg Jordan

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